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Koby's Companions Program


This program pairs senior pets with people who would benefit from a companion animal, but may not have the means to adopt one.  Participants in this program may adopt the animals outright, or they may choose to become a long term foster home.


Who Qualifies?

To qualify for the program, you must be:

- at least 60 years old


- a person with a disability


- a veteran

What are the benefits of this program?

Adoption: Qualified persons will have reduced or waived adoption fees.

Long Term Foster: The animal will remain the property of Koby's Promise.  Should you no longer be able to care for your foster animal, the animal will return to our care.


As a foster, Koby's Promise will cover necessary veterinary expenses as well as help to provide the necessary supplies for the animal being fostered.


Which animals qualify for this program?

- small to medium sized dogs over 6 years old

- cats over 6 years old

- some exceptions may be made for younger dogs and large dogs on a case-by-case basis


Animals in our care will be tagged in their profile if they are eligible for this program.


If you have qualified for this program and have found an animal meeting the above criteria in a local shelter, we will help with the following as funds allow:

- adoption fees

- animal transport


In addition, if the animal will be a long term foster, we will cover the following:

- pay for all necessary veterinary care (approved vets only)

- provide starter supplies (as donated supplies allow)

- provide free transportation for yearly vet visits, as needed (approved vets only)

- take care of/board the pet for free should you ever have to spend time in a hospital

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